Damn Good Bourbon

Tasting Notes

  • Nose
    Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Citrus
  • Taste
    Toasted Almond, Cocoa, Deep Caramel
  • Finish
    Spiced Brandy, Leather, Allspice
  • Color
  • Amber 
  • Proof

Created by three whiskey loving women, Boss Molly is a bold wheated bourbon with an adventurous spirit.

Aged 4 years in American Oak, perfected with toasted brandy staves to bring out upfront notes of butterscotch, citrus & vanilla, with hints of leather and spiced brandy on the finish.

Our bourbon has a wonderful complexity of flavor and character with an abundance of detectable flavor notes to delight and wow your senses. Once you taste it, it’s hard to go back to drinking anything else.

Distinctly different from any other bourbon, Boss Molly is a bit feisty, yet playful. And above all, delicious.

She stands strong on her own – neat or on the rocks – and blends well with other spirits and mixers for delicious, balanced cocktails.

From refreshing highballs to classic standouts like Manhattans, Old Fashions and Boulevardiers to newer cocktails that surprise and captivate your palate, Boss Molly is a bourbon with a diversity and complexity of flavor that’s both rare and inviting.

Our name, Boss Molly, is an homage to what ranchers call the tough female mules that blaze the trail to get shit done (and like them, she’s got some kick).Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, celebrate a win or give a gift that says, “You’ve arrived,” there’s no wrong way to enjoy Boss Molly.

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